What should you consider when choosing a boat from a charter company?

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Sailboat charter Croatia guarantees a choice of quality boats that gives a possibility to cruise the sea near the coast, but also enjoy sport or other recreational cruises. A holiday in Croatia represents a pleasant time for the whole family who wants to spend unforgettable moments together by sailing and exploring Croatia and the surrounding coast. If you haven’t had a chance to try a sailboat in Croatia, be sure you have something to look forward to. If you are thinking about a vacation in Croatia, with sailing you can enjoy this destination even more. 

Choice options

The Croatian coast has more than 1200 islands, making it one of the most beautiful places for sailing throughout Europe. The natural beauty of the coastline with a rich history is an ideal travel experience for the whole family. Sailboat charter Croatia offers the choice of yachts or catamarans in addition to classic sailing boats, whether you prefer sailing on the sea or cruising by motorboat. You can also opt for a private yacht charter Croatia for the whole family from perfect charter company as Luxurysailing.eu really is. Sailing in Croatia will also be enjoyed by people with good technical skills or previous experience. 

Length of the yacht

The length of the yacht depends mainly on the number of cabins you need. Private yacht charter Croatia is rented by most sellers according to the number of cabins. Yachts with three cabins have a length of approximately 41 feet. Space in yachts with more cabins can be limited. Yacht control also depends on the number of steering helms. A private yacht charter Croatia from a charter company that has two helms is more difficult to handle, for example, in port maneuvers. 


The charter company employees are in charge of more boats, and therefore do not have enough time to thoroughly check each boat. The larger and more complex the boat is; the more time it will take to rent it. Private yacht charter Croatia requires more attention and care when handling. With everything that is not clear to you, you should contact the employee who gave you the boat for sailing. Always let him know about faulty equipment or lack of equipment. It is also recommended to check the charter company and its references, which you can find online. Try for example Luxurysailing.eu, which is not only Charter Company, but agency too.